The Call Outros Territórios had its deadline closed on February 5.

We are all surprised by the national and international repercussions achieved: there were 297 registrations from 36 countries! We are also enthusiastic about the good quality of the works presented. At the end, 101 proposals were submitted. Out of these, 91 were qualified to be evaluated by the jury.

Check the finalist proposals, honorable mentions and other submissions in the gallery and download the judgment minutes here.

Soon the exhibition at the Viaduto das Artes (Arts Overpass) will open; check the news at our blog.


Other Territories is a suite of ephemeral interventions proposed for a hilly neighborhood in Belo Horizonte: Buritis. The plan envisages an instantaneous transformation of the landscape through the simultaneous occupation of the many stilt systems propping up the hillside buildings.

The array of forgotten spaces, ignored for their unsightly strangeness, will be infused with city life through an event that posits an open field of study: the latent possibilities in the existing city. This will be an opportunity to test new ideas, exchange experiences and awaken sensibilities; a way of showing that modest interventions with limited resources can generate lasting change (whether material or institutional) and become instruments through which to devise alternative solutions for the urban recomposition of such a frayed urban fabric as Belo Horizonte's. Video projections, light art, plays, horticulture, landscape interventions, paintings, objects, ephemeral constructions and extreme sports are just some of the many possible ways these spaces could be occupied.

The interventions will be chosen through a public, international open call for projects and the selected ideas will comprise an exhibition at the left-field venue Viaduto das Artes (Arts Underpass)—Phase I.

Phase II of Other Territories will execute a number of the projects selected during Phase I and organize a free itinerary for visiting the executed works. The idea is to configure a circuit for debate on issues pertaining to the city, explore interfaces between architecture, the visual arts, public lighting and the cityscape, and problematize city management, environmental and architectonic liabilities, urban voids and the real-estate market.

Launch of the Call for Projects

Deadline for registration and digital receipt of submissions
until 05/02/2019

Requests and queries
until 25/01/2019

Jury sessions
11 to 15/02/2019

Release of the results

Opening of the exhibition


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OT Exhibition: the pictures

More images at the OT Instagram

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published in May 5, 2019, 11 a.m.

OT Exhibition Folder

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Folder design: Marconi Drummond
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OT Exhibition: the discussion panel

There will be a table in the opening on Saturday, April 27 at 11am, and the members are:

OT Jury: Bráulio Lara, Eduardo de Jesus and Marcos Franchini
Vazio S/A: Carlos M Teixeira
Aurora Collective: Mariana Novaes
Viaduto das Artes: Leandro Gabriel

The dynamics of the table and the themes will be as follows:
1. Carlos: presentation of the OT Call
2. Eduardo: the art/architecture expanded field , or theme to be defined.
3. Bráulio: the Buritis neighborhood and its community
4. Marcos: the selection process for the OT Call
5. Mariana: lighting and the city
6. Leandro: history of the Viaduto das Artes

See you there!,
OT organization


published in April 22, 2019, 9 a.m.

Exhibition at Arts Overpass

The exhibition at the Arts Overpass begins on April 27 and runs until June 2. At the opening there will be a debate with the jurors; the schedule will be announced shortly. The exhibition includes the projects selected by the jury, the honorable mentions and other proposals chosen by the curators of the show.

We hope to meet the participants of the Call and all other interested parties (from Buritis neighborhood, from Belo Horizonte, from other cities, from other countries) at the opening at the Arts Underpass on the 27th at 11am.

Check below the list of exhibitors.

1. Selected Proposals
Authors: Juliana Sicuro Corrêa, Vitor Garcez, Larissa Monteiro

Authors: João Nitsche, Joao Nitsche, Pedro Nitsche, Lua Nitsche, Bruna Brito, Claudia Carpes, Denis Ferri, Eric Ferri, Flavia Schikmann, Gil Barbieri, Luciana Silva, Mara Cruz, Marcelo Anaf, Mariana Vilela, Pamela Gomes, Renata Mori, Rodrigo Tamburus

Dimensão Livre
Authors: Amanda Barbosa da Silveira, Lucas Veloso Schwab Guerra

Mostra Territórios Impróprios
Authors: Pedro Maia, Eduarda Kuhnert, Luiza Schreier, Diego Franco, Marcos De Amorim, Fernando Bonini

O Casamento Entre a Razão e a Miséria
Authors: Luiz Solano, Gabriel Biselli

Oceanário Artificial Internacional
Author: Daniel Jesus

Turbina Eólica Urbana
Author: André Brandão

2. Honorable Mentions
Archeólogis Buritis
Authors: Marcelo Venzon, Ricardo Landulpho Justi

Authors: Daniel Dorneles, André Miguel Coronha, Naiara Valéria Corrêa

3. Other Proposals
A Casa
Author: Beatriz Burle

A Stage for Buritis
Author: Andrea Toccolini

Buritis em Vão
Author: Gabriella Gonçalles

Democratização do Vazio
Author: Bruno Cipriano

Do Not Sit
Authors: Nicolás Acosta, Amalia Cabezas, Enrique Meñique

Authors: Ana Laura Carvalho Nunes, Rodrigo Tedesco Guidini, Guilherme Zamboni Ferreira

Authors: Amanda Figueiredo Amicis, Giuliana Isis Garcia Bello

Authors: Laura Souza Carmo Campos, Paula Lobato, Tarsila Goulart, Isabela Couy, Lila Loyola

Authors: Paulo Pontes, Alessandra Pedrosa, Leo Arruda, Giulia Menapace

Invisíveis Informais
Authors: Fernanda Silva Freitas, João Pedro Otoni Cardoso, Felipe Arlindo Silva

Authors: Aldina Eriksson, Bianca Eriksson

Authors: Livia Koeche De Oliveira, Pedro Paulo Leggerini Luzardo Oliveira

Olho Nu
Authors: Guilherme de Macedo, Giovanna Taques, Maíra Pelegrino, Mariana Torres, Josehenrique Zuchi, Marília Schemberg

Earlier Proposals
Topographical Amnesias I
Authors: Vazio S/A e Louise Ganz

Topographical Amnesias II
Authors: Vazio S/A e Louise Ganz

Dark Stilts
Author: Carlos M Teixeira

The Grid
Author: Vazio S/A


published in April 15, 2019, 12:03 p.m.

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