Outros Territórios visual identity

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The graphic design and visual identity of Outros Territorios was made by Marconi Drummond. Marconi is a visual artist and curator, with a degree and masters degree in Visual Arts from the School of Fine Arts of UFMG. Between 2006 and 2010, he acted as curator of the Pampulha Art Museum and coordinated the Bolsa Pampulha art-residence program.

As a graphic artist, he participated in the exhibitions "Brazilian Design Today: new frontiers" (MAM / SP); "We Love Books!", Grenoble, France, among others. He has already performed numerous curatorial projects, among them: Imaginary Cartography: the City and its Writings (Sesc Palladium), Lorenzato: Simple Singular (Minas Tênis Clube Gallery), Absurdus: Murilo Rubião 100 Years (State Public Library of Minas Gerais), P_Bruscky: A Work without Original (Pampulha Art Museum), Adriana Varejão (Pampulha Art Museum), and Cao Guimarães (Pampulha Art Museum).


published in Nov. 14, 2018, 1 p.m.