Outros Territorios website


The design of the Other Territories website was done by the designer-programmer-artisan Aline Coutinho. Made in Python, a high-level language that prioritizes the code, the site seems to be (purposely) under construction and its lines leave the organizational structure apparent; the drawing being reworked with user interaction.

Here is Aline's coded, analog-digital CV:

studied architecture* but it was working with design# that she learned programming^>@.
she knits§∆@, crochets§@, embroiders§@, weaves&@, braids§@, makes mistakes, restores@, hacks∑@, cmd+C, cmd+V, cmd+R.

* at FAU-USP
# in quadradão with Andrea Ribeiro e Leandro Lopes
^ learned HTML and CSS from Denis Zanin
> learned Python from Gustavo Ferreira
@ learned on the internet
§ learned from her mother Sandra Coutinho
participated in workshops with Regina Misk and Jessica Costa
& learned how to wave with natural straws from her gradfather Joaquim Brandão
learned from her father José Roberto Araújo


published in Jan. 27, 2019, 11 a.m.